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In most other industries, we often make some sort of cost benefit analysis with our purchases. We’re able to look at cost, understand quality, and weigh our options on whether to go forward with said purchase. Of course with healthcare, it is not as black and white BUT if we had the ability to compare costs, review quality, and consult with an advocate, we’d be in more control.

Bazar provides the ability to make an informed decision. By empowering members with pricing and quality metrics, they’re able to become true consumers of healthcare and not users or even victims.

Patients lack access to tools that identify value in their health plan and network. 

One of our current members went to have blood tests at a local facility, this cost around $20. A few months later, they had to have the same tests repeated. Rather than waiting hours in line at the lab they had initially gone to, they went to facility across the street. The cost for the same tests at another local facility was $600. Something needed to change. This wasn’t the first time we heard a story similar to this. And it certainly would not be the last. Until now, people and patients have not had access to tools that help identify value in their health plan and network. Health insurance is complex and expensive without the right tools, we’ve seen far too many patients and families devastated from high-cost procedures. Health care does not need to be overly expensive or complicated, you just need to know where to look!

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What Members Are Saying About Us

Bazar gives me the same comfort that AAA provides me, Bazar has saved me so much money and peace of mind in my family’s healthcare. I highly recommend using Bazar, the app. and advocate services.

Lisa D. – Current Member

Bazar has saved me so much when it comes to my medical debt. The membership has basically paid for itself by saving me money where I would’ve spent thousands more.

Sarah H. – Current Member

I had no idea where to go when I hurt my knee, I called my PCP and they couldn’t get me in for another 7 weeks. Bazar saved me the stress of an ER visit by connecting me with an orthopedist and physical therapist.

Dominic L. – Current Member