Employer Information

Implementing Bazar into your benefits package is done in five simple steps.

Step. 1

Board/Employer Approval

Step. 2

Introduction Call and Employer Contacts

Communication is key. Bazar will layout Point of Contacts  between Bazar and the Company to make the  implementation process smooth and easy

Step. 3

Amend Plan Design/SPD

Bazar will give the Employer an Amendment to execute and submit to their Third-Party Administrator. Once submitted, the Group should adjust their Summary Plan Document outlining the Bazar Benefit

Step. 4

Employee Census

A census of the employees and dependents that are on the company health plan will be sent to Bazar to be updated into the platform. It is important to have an updated census sent monthly

Step. 5

Employee Education

Once all steps are complete, Bazar will schedule employee
education meetings/ videos/slide decks, to educate the employees on how to use the platform and why. More education, more savings!

Score Board Reporting

Every quarter, we provide in-depth usage analytics called the Bazar Score Board. The numbers don’t lie. We will show you how using Bazar saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year—not even costing you a penny. 

Healthcare insurance lacks transparency, but we don’t. 

Member Utilization


Total Lives


Registered Accounts


Account Activity QTD


Account Activity YTD

Total Rewards


Paid Out


Average Reward Paid Out


Quarterly Spend


Estimated Savings


Appointments Requested


Episodes of Care