1. What is Bazar?

Bazar is a platform that provides upfront pricing and reviews of medical providers and facilities for those in need of elective medical treatment, giving employees an opportunity to save their employer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, while also having an opportunity to earn substantial rewards and mitigate their expenses.

2. What does Bazar mean?

The word Bazar means “a marketplace or shopping quarter”.

3. Can anyone use Bazar?

Once an employer adds Bazar to their benefit offering, only the employees and dependents on the employer sponsored health plan will have a Bazar Account.

Contact us today if you are interested in employing the Bazar program.

4. What is a “Bundled Price”?

A bundled price is the total price for a specific procedure on that date of service. By adding up the cost of the facility, physician, anesthesia, labs, and any other components on that date of surgery, that is what we identify as the bundled price.

5. What if I saw a provider not in the Bazar network?

If a provider is not in the Bazar network, you will not be eligible for a reward. You must see a Bazar Provider and/Facility to be able to receive a reward.

6. What if I know my provider is already a part of the Bazar Network, do I need to use the Patient Path to make an appointment?

We always recommend making an appointment through the Bazar application but it isn’t necessary.  If you already know the Provider/Facility is in the Bazar network, you are still eligible to receive a reward.

7. How does Bazar save an employer or business money?

Bazar’s identifies Providers and Facilities outside the walls of a hospital, and reimbursements are not tied to discrete network rates resulting in substantially lower elective care costs.

8. I forgot my account log-in, what should I do?

Follow the prompts on the account log in page to reset login information. If you are still having issues after doing so, contact the Bazar Team to help.

9. Who will send the reward for using Bazar?

After receiving your care and the claim has been processed,  submit your EOB under the “Get My Reward” tab. Once Bazar processes your EOB, we will send you a check in the mail for the amount associated with the care you received. Yes, real money. Consider it a “Thank You” from Bazar.