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The average wait time to see a physician in the U.S is 26 days.

Portland ME and Boston MA face the longest wait times across the US at 45.6 days and 33.8 days.


Having health insurance doesn’t mean you’ll have access to care when you need it. When something is ailing you, whether it’s GI issues or a hurt knee, all you want is to resolve the issue. But the problem is, the average wait time in America is 26 days to see a specialist.

Knowing where to go and who to see not only will reduce wasted time but can significantly save on out of pocket and overall expenses.


Knowing where to go for medical care is important, but even more crucial is understanding how to get there. Thus, the first healthcare professional you see is a critical step in ensuring high-quality, affordable care that aligns with your health plan

Bazar serves as a guiding light for members, helping them navigate their health plans to uncover high-value options.


Healthcare may be the most confusing industry there is. Combined with Health Insurance, consumers often throw their hands up and hope for the best. But that doesn’t need to be the case.

Bazar simplifies the process by providing an easy to use application with real time communication modalities such as phone, email, and messaging with a healthcare expert on the other end.

Cost Reduction

The cost variation for the same medical procedure can be strikingly different depending on where it’s performed. For instance, the price for identical lab tests or surgeries can differ significantly between two facilities. This disparity also extends to services like imaging, physical therapy, and more. Understanding the distinction between a Free Standing Facility and a Hospital can lead to substantial savings, potentially amounting to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in reduced out-of-pocket expenses.

Bazar offers a comprehensive directory of medical procedures, empowering its members to make informed choices by providing price and review comparisons. It assists individuals in finding the most suitable locations and healthcare professionals for their specific procedures.

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Bazar gives me the same comfort that AAA provides me, Bazar has saved me so much money and peace of mind in my family’s healthcare. I highly recommend using Bazar, the app. and advocate services.

Lisa D. – Current Member

I had no idea where to go when I hurt my knee, I called my PCP and they couldn’t get me in for another 7 weeks. Bazar saved me the stress of an ER visit by connecting me with an orthopedist and physical therapist.

Dominic L. – Current Member

Bazar has saved me so much when it comes to my medical debt. The membership has basically paid for itself by saving me money where I would’ve spent thousands more.

Sarah H. – Current Member