Up-Front Costs

Bazar gives you an estimated up-front cost in the form of a bundled price to create transparency. Deductibles and copays are only one small component to the total price of a procedure.

By combining the transparency of pricing with the high quality of care of providers, Bazar empowers consumers to identify value.

Buying a Car vs ACL Surgery

Let’s compare an ACL reconstructive surgery with buying a car.

When you buy a car at a dealership, you aren’t buying the exhaust system, stereo, seats, wheels, and everything else separately. You pay a single, bundled price. You can also use one of the many tools available to compare prices and reviews at any other dealership. 

Now, let’s take that same concept for ACL reconstructive surgery. Unlike buying a car, you have different fees for many services. You have a surgeon fee, anesthesiologist fee, facility fee, fee of the implant, and more. One price is never displayed.

Bazar’s bundles will bring true value to healthcare, allowing patients to shop by comparing prices and reviews.