What is Bazar?

Bazar is a program designed to make health care simple, rewarding, and focused on you. We partner with self-insured companies to inform and streamline the elective care process. We have built an extensive network of the highest quality providers and facilities in your area to find exceptional care at a great price. 

Bazar’s unique platform allows you to shop for your elective care ahead of getting it.  Then, once you get it, you’re rewarded with a cash payment when making a cost-effective choice. We pay you for saving money!


Healthcare is costly and overly complicated. Not anymore! Bazar provides users with an innovative Patient Path, which simplifies and streamlines the process of locating the right providers for your care. You can then make appointments with them, all while having the support of our care coordination team to help along the way.


Bazar works with employers to enhance health benefits. We help save you and your employer money. Because of these drastic savings, we reward you up to $1,500 for a single procedure!


Using real-time claims data, Bazar creates an online marketplace that shows people the estimated, all-in price of their elective care. We are changing healthcare to be like any other shopping: transparent and priced ahead of time.